David Weber Oil Co. MENU

Transmission Fluids

Extensively tested in the lab and in the field, Gibraltar oils meet and surpass the performance specifications of the American Petroleum Institute and the Motor Vehicles Manufacturers Association. Available in a range of grades, Gibraltar multigrade oils provide greater sludge control and protection from piston deposits, reduced oil thickening, and increased engine protection.

Universal Tractor Fluid

A premium multi-functional fluid recommended for tractors requiring a single oil for the lubrication of transmission, hydraulics and final drives. These fluids are also often used in the wet breaks and power steering units. This fluid meets the requirement of John Deere, J.I. Case, Ford New Holland, Massey-Ferguson and Allis-Chalmers.

Gibraltar Dexron III / Mercon ATF

Multi-purpose automatic transmission fluid fully qualified by both General Motors and Ford. Approved Allison C-4 Fluid.

Syngear CD 50

Fully synthetic lubricant for manual transmissions in severe service and/or extended drain applications. Fully approved for use in Eaton Roadranger extended warranty program. Also recommended for use in Spicer and Rockwell transmissions where a synthetic is specified or preferred.

ATF Type F

Ford type transmission fluid formulated to meet requirements of M2C33-F.

Cat TO-4 Trans Fluid

Premium transmission fluid formulated to meet the requirements of Caterpillar TO-4 specification. Provides enhanced friction and anti-wear performance and elastometer compatibility over the engine oils that were previously recommended under the TO-2 specification.

Multi-Vehicle ATF

Multi-Vehicle ATF description