David Weber Oil Co. MENU


Gibraltar greases are among the best in the business, providing exceptional protection for industrial equipment to keep it running smoother, longer. They offer extended life, high temperature stability, case of sealing, and low environmental impact.

Gibraltar Hi-Impact Hammer Grease

Specially formulated with a high level or copper, graphite and molybdenum solids to give improved performance and increased hammer and chisel life.

Gibraltar Permaflex EP

High-impact grease recommended for severe service applications. Premium Permaflex EP greases outperform conventional greases in adhesion, extreme pressure protection and water resistance. Available in NLGI grades 1 and 2.

Gibraltar Molyflex EP

Premium high-temperature grease containing molybdenum disulfide for increased wear and shockloading protection.

Hi-Temp Red Grease

High quality high temperature grease meeting API CG-LB specifications. Recommended for general greasing and wheel bearing applications.

Extra Lite 0 Grease EP

NLGI 0 grade grease with outstanding pumpability for use in automatic centralized grease systems.

Red Grease 000

NLGI 000 grease for a wide variety of applications requiring a semi-fluid grease of this type.