David Weber Oil Co. MENU

Hydraulic Oils

Gibraltar premium hydraulic oils are formulated for high performance across a wide range of applications. Some of the benefits are reduced foam, enhanced filterability and superior hydrolytic stability. These oils produce fluid films that are stable under even the most severe conditions, such as heavy pressure and elevated temperature, resulting in longer equipment life.

Gibraltar Longlife HZ-1000 Series Hydraulic Oil

A superior quality fluid specifically formulated to deliver outstanding trouble-free performance in mobile hydraulic applications such as heavy construction equipment. It provides excellent protection for equipment operating in dirty environments full of the particulate and water contamination that can destroy hydraulic systems. It provides superior leak protection by conditioning and restoring brittle seals. It provides users with fluid life 4X longer than conventional fluids and wear protection far superior to other commercially available products.

Gibraltar Premium A/W Hydraulic

Premium quality anti-wear type hydraulic oils designed to give outstanding performance in a wide variety of high-pressure hydraulic systems where an A/W fluid is specified.

Gibraltar Bio-Safe

A premium biodegradable hydraulic oil made from renewable resources. It is specially formulated to provide excellent biodegradability without sacrifice to pump performance, with performance characteristics on par with or surpassing those of petroleum- based fluids, Bio-Safe is the number one choice for construction contractors looking for an environmentally-friendly hydraulic oil.

Crystol FG

Our line of premium food-grade oils formulated using a state of the art additive system to deliver outstanding performance in modern food machinery and equipment. All grades are composed of materials approved by the Food & Drug Administration under Statute 178.3570. The NSF International has registered them as H1 lubricants for incidental food contact. They are recommended for use in hydraulic pumps, circulating systems, gearboxes, compressors and other applications requiring the use of a food grade lubricant.