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Construction & Mining

David Weber Oil Co. offers a full line of Gibraltar lubricants for the construction industry that provide users with unsurpassed protection, extended equipment life and trouble-free efficient operation in the most demanding applications. All lubricants marketed under the Gibraltar trade name are formulated not only to meet, but exceed OEM and industry specifications so equipment owners can rest assured that their equipment investment is safe. Construction equipment is exposed to severe weather conditions and contaminants such as moisture, dust and dirt. Gibraltar heavy duty lubricants are up to the task of protecting your equipment under any and all conditions.

Engine Oils

Heavy equipment and fleet operators are facing some of the most significant technological changes in history. But you can rely on Gibraltar motor oils to meet those challenges. Gibraltar oils offer superior engine cleanliness and wear protection, while controlling foaming, consumption, and thickening.

Hydraulic OIls

Gibraltar premium hydraulic oils are formulated for high performance across a wide range of applications. Some of the benefits are reduced foam, enhanced filterability and superior hydrolytic stability. These oils produce fluid films that are stable under even the most severe conditions, such as heavy pressure and elevated temperature, resulting in longer equipment life.

Transmission Fluid

Extensively tested in the lab and in the field, Gibraltar oils meet and surpass the performance specifications of the American Petroleum Institute and the Motor Vehicles Manufacturers Association. Available in a range of grades, Gibraltar multigrade oils provide greater sludge control and protection from piston deposits, reduced oil thickening, and increased engine protection.

Gear Oil

Gibraltar field-proven gear oils meet modern industry’s needs by offering superior performance under increasing operating stresses. As extensive testing has shown, these products satisfy military, industrial, and OEM gear lubricant specifications and provide outstanding thermal stability, extended oil seal life, and wear protection.


Gibraltar greases are among the best in the business, providing exceptional protection for industrial equipment to keep it running smoother, longer. They offer extended life, high temperature stability, case of sealing, and low environmental impact.


We offer a full line of premium coolants for every industry requirement and OEM specification in both concentrate and ready-to-use formulations.