David Weber Oil Co. MENU


David Weber Oil Co. offers a full line of products for the elevator industry. These include hydraulic oils, both standard and biodegradable, as well as all the specialty products such as wire rope lube, cleaning fluid, motor bearing oil and worm gear oil.

Elevator Gear Oil

Our most popular worm gear oil formulated to provide customers excellent performance in a wide variety of worm gear boxes.

Motor Bearing Oil

ISO 100 Lubricant fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors to give long, trouble- free service in traction elevator motors.

Wire Rope Lubricant

Low viscosity lubricant to protect and lubricate wire ropes. Special formula penetrates into the cable to give optimum long-term protection.

Rail Oil

Lubricant which is specially formulated to adhere to metal surfaces in order to provide optimum lubrication and protection.

Cleaning Fluid

Solvent-type premium all-purpose cleaner