David Weber Oil Co. MENU

Gear Oils

Gibraltar field-proven gear oils meet modern industry’s needs by offering superior performance under increasing operating stresses. As extensive testing has shown, these products satisfy military, industrial, and OEM gear lubricant specifications and provide outstanding thermal stability, extended oil seal life, and wear protection.

Gibraltar EP Gear Lubricant

Multi-purpose manual transmission and differential lubricants for all applications where an API GL-5 or MIL-1 or MIL-PRF-2105 rated oil is required. Available in SAE 80W/90 and 85W/140 viscosity grades.

Gibraltar Straight Mineral Gear Oil

Premium gear oils recommend whenever a GL-1 oil is specified and extreme pressure properties are not required. These oils provide outstanding anti-foam properties as well as corrosion and oxidation protection. Available in SAE 90 and 140 grades.

Syn-Gear EP

Fully synthetic gear lubricants meeting the extended drain requirements on Mack GO-J Plus, Rockwell and Eaton Road-Ranger. They are available in SAE 75W/90 and SAE 80W140 grades.

Super Syn-Lube

Full synthetic gear oils formulated to give outstanding performance in a wide variety of extended drain applications. Available in 75W/90, 80W/140 and 75W/140 viscosity grades.

AGMA EP Gear Lubricants

Industrial gear lubricants formulated to exceed the requirements of US Steel 224, AGMA 250.04 and AGMA 9005 D94.