David Weber Oil Co. MENU

Metal Working Fluids

David Weber Oil Co. offers a full line of Gibraltar lubricants for the metal working industry including straight cutting oils, soluble oils and synthetics.

#217 Cutting Oil

Neat sulfurized active cutting oil for medium to severe duty machining. It employs special synergistic additives to maximize performance over the wide range of pressures and temperatures encountered when machining difficult metals. It does this without the use of chlorinated paraffins, which can be irritating and expensive to dispose of.

Swiss Cutting Oil HT-ES

Neat cutting oil specially formulated for use in Swiss Screw Machine operations. It provides excellent lubrication between the chip and cutting tool, minimizing frictional heat, tool wear and deformation. It can be used for ferrous and non-ferrous metals without risk of staining.

Water Soluble Oil

Premium quality conventional soluble oil suitable for a wide range of cutting and grinding operations. This product features extra protection against oil-water separation and an anti-foam resistance.

Synthetic Coolant S-122

S-122 is an oil rejecting synthetic coolant formulated for all types of metals and alloys. This coolant contains no DEA, chlorinated, sulfurized or phosphorus-containing additives. S-122 is also fortified with an excellent bactericide package.